Admissions & Application Requirements

Admissions Information for the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program

To gain admission, applicants must demonstrate intellectual aptitude, academic excellence, a strong drive, and a dedication to rigorous study in pursuit of a career in medicine or a related health profession. 

Admission to the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program is conducted on a rolling basis, with decisions made throughout the admissions cycle. Our comprehensive evaluation process ensures a meticulous review of applications, with admissions decisions typically communicated within four to six weeks after receipt of a complete application. Applying early does not convey an admissions advantage, but early applicants who are admitted may benefit from additional planning time if relocating to join our program.  

Admission Requirements: 

A Minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.0 

Applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. They should have also completed a college-level English composition course with a grade of B or higher, as well as a college-level math course with a grade of B or higher. These prerequisites can be fulfilled by utilizing Advanced Placement (AP) credits documented on a college transcript. 

Recommended coursework:  

  • Calculus I: Although calculus is not a prerequisite, students who intend to take physics in the PBPM Program are encouraged to complete math up to calculus I before attending WashU. 

  • College-level chemistry: We highly encourage students planning to take general chemistry in the PBPM Program to consider enrolling in a chemistry preparation course beforehand if they have not previously been exposed to college-level chemistry. 

US Citizenship or Eligible Noncitizen 

We welcome applications from U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Individuals with DACA status will be evaluated on an individual basis.  

Application Requirements

How to Apply 

At WashU, we offer two convenient ways for applicants to apply to our PBPM program: 

  1. WashU PBPM Application: Prospective applicants can directly apply to our program using our internal application system. This option is highly recommended for its affordability, especially if you are interested in applying exclusively to our program or a select few programs. 

  1. PostBacCAS: For applicants considering multiple post-baccalaureate programs, utilizing the centralized application system (CAS) known as PostBacCAS can greatly streamline the process. By submitting your application materials only once and having them verified, PostBacCAS efficiently forwards them to your selected post-baccalaureate programs. This enhances convenience and ensures that your materials reach their intended destinations effectively. 

Application Requirements 

When applying for admission to the Postbac Premed Program, regardless of the application method you choose (WashU PBPM Application or PostBacCAS), you will need to provide the following additional materials: 

Current Resume or CV 

Please provide a comprehensive overview of your work history, highlighting any medically related experiences, community service involvements, and notable extracurricular activities.

Detailed Experience History 

When completing the application, you will be asked to provide detailed descriptions of your health-related experiences and activities and the number of hours invested in each. We are particularly interested in how your experiences, both clinical and non-clinical, have influenced your decision to pursue a career in the health professions. Additionally, we value experiences that have helped develop significant personal skills, which will contribute to your future success. It is crucial to provide thoughtful reflections in this section, as not doing so may have a negative impact on your application.

Official Transcripts from All Colleges or Universities Attended 

To complete the application process, it is necessary for official transcripts to be sent directly from the registrar to the application system. For questions regarding transcripts, please contact

Verification of Transcripts for Non-United States Coursework 

If the transcript you provide for consideration is from a college or university outside the United States, you will also need to obtain a course-by-course transcript evaluation. 

Evaluations will be accepted from World Education Services (WES) or another member institution of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES)

Personal Statement 

Provide reflections on why you believe your chosen profession is the career path for you. Explain the experiences that have shaped and solidified this goal and how they have influenced your decision to pursue a career in healthcare. Please keep your response within 5000 characters. 

Two Letters of Recommendation 

Applicants must provide two letters of recommendation from academic references. These letters can be submitted through the online application system. Detailed instructions for submitting the letters are provided within the relevant application platform. 

English Proficiency 

If your first language is not English, and you earned a bachelor’s degree in a country other than the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom, please provide TOEFL scores (for Wash U use school code 6929). If applying through PostBacCAS see "Standardized Test Scores" in the Academic History section.

Special Consideration Statement (Optional) 

Applicants are invited to provide a concise statement, limited to 500 words, in which they can address any unique circumstances pertaining to their application. 

Application Fee 

Applicants who apply directly to our program using the WashU PBPM Application pay a $35 application fee.  

When applying through PostBacCAS, please note that you will be responsible for the fees related to their service. These fees comprise an initial application fee and a charge for each post-baccalaureate program to which you send your materials. For more information on PostBacCAS pricing, please refer to the PostBacCAS website

WashU does not offer fee waivers for or applicants applying through PostBacCAS. However, our internal application system provides the opportunity to apply at a significantly reduced cost. 

 Join the WashU PBPM Program 

Students have the flexibility to apply for entry in any term. We carefully review applications on a rolling basis, ensuring a thorough evaluation process. You can expect to receive admissions decisions within four to six weeks after your application is received.  

Important Dates for Term and Application Deadlines: 

  • Fall Term: June 21st 

  • Spring Term: November 1st 

  • Summer Term: April 1st 

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